Working for an escort’s agency is not always easy

A few days ago a group of Petite escorts came into to see us here at the Agency, and announced that they had ditched their agency. Escorting can be a difficult business at times, and on this occasion it turned out that agency bosses had held back earnings.

The Petite escorts that we spoke to decide to take matters in their own hands, and ditched the agency. The girls are now planning to start their own Petite escort’s agency and as always all of us here at the Agency is keen to support them. There is no way Petite escort’s agency bosses should hold girls pay back, and we don’t support any bosses that do that.

However, we sat down for a chat with the Petite escorts from and talked through all of the things that the girls needed to do.

The front desk is important in any escorts agency but especially in a new agency. Dates and men looking for a sexy companion need to know that the right girl for them is available. Dating and spending time with the right girl will ensure return dates, and the vast majority of escorts agencies rely on return dates.

If, a gentleman has dated a girl once and enjoyed her company, he is more likely to want to see her again, and this can, and will, lead to regular weekly dates.

Front desk girls also need to be paid for but we suggested to the Petite girls that they took turns on the front desk first of all. They all know each other very well, and appreciate which special services each girl can provide. They can describe them intimate details so the caller gets the right service he requests.

Of course, they are also familiar with their bust sizes and hair colors, and will be able to find a blonde or brunette for the gent on the end of the phone.


Promoting the new agency is important as well, and the Escort Agency have suggested that the girls start a web site. The cost of a web site can be quite an investment but a lot of gents do like to arrange their dates online these days. This also gives the girls an opportunity to show off how stunning and sexy they are, so a web site is a multi-functional tool which should never be underestimated.

There are of course many more things to consider. Forming a limited company is one idea which should be considered, or the girls can work under the banner of a partnership. There are many specialist in the escorts business that can help them on their way, however the most important thing is always to build up a good quality dating scene.

This is why it is important to focus on providing a high standard service which is flexible in order to meet the caller’s needs and desires. Starting any business can be a daunting task but even more so when it is an escort’s service.

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