What do you find really sexy?

We all have different things that turn us on. I think that I must be really weird as I get turned on by guys in pyjama bottoms. They cannot be those short little pyjama bottoms, they have to be the long legged once which go all of the way to the floor. I love the way the fall around a man’s behind, and how they kind of look sexy around the front as well. It turns me on like mad. Speaking to my colleagues at Acton escorts, I realised that we all have our own ideas.

My friend Monica at https://charlotteaction.org/acton-escorts Acton escorts likes it when her man comes out of the bathroom with a towel around his waste. He has this really nice hairy chest, flat tummy and you can just about see his dick poking at the towel. She finds that really sexy and often wants to just go back with him in the shower to make sure that he is really clean. It makes me laugh, but Monica has not told her boyfriend that he turns her on wearing a towel. She says it would spoil all of the fun, and I guess that she is pretty much right about that.

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Sabrina is this rather kinky girl who has been working for Acton escorts for some time now. I actually think that she is one of the wildest girls who works for the agency, but that is besides the point. Sabrina has got this boyfriend this boyfriend who is a pilot, and like so many other women, she gets turned on by his uniform. Her favorite thing is when he outs his hat on and goes out of the door. When he comes back after a flight, she always tells him that she has been waiting by the door to ravish him, but he must put his hat back on.

Lexus is this posh girls who works for Acton escorts. I did not think that she was the sort of girl who got turned on by anything in particular, but it turns out that she loves men in socks. Her boyfriend knows that she likes socks as she has told him so on numerous occasions. If he does not wear his socks when they are about to make love, she always tells him that he must put them on. Is he allowed to take them off afterwards? I have a feeling that he is allowed to take them after sex…

I love all of these different ideas and I keep wondering what the trigger point is. In other words, why do I think that guys wearing pyjama bottoms are sexy? I am not sure how these ideas get into our heads, but it must be something to do with things that we have seen. It would be so neat if you could survey a bunch of women to find out what they find sexy. I guess that I could start with all of the girls here at Acton escorts. Who is the kinkiest of the girls that I work with? I really don’t know but it would be kind of an interesting thing to do.

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