London Escorts with Big Dicks

Should you become a male escort in London just because you have a big dick? One of my best friends keeps bragging about his really big dick. He says that he would love to work for a male London escorts and thinks that he would become the star of the escort agency because of his big dick. He is a nice guy but not very confident, so I have not had the heart to tell him that working for a male London escorts agency at is not about having a big dick. Personally, I have been working for a male London escorts agency for two years, so I have a pretty good insight into what women after.


Not all women who date male London escorts are after men with big dicks. Many of them have come out of relationships and do not want to get involved again. But, that does not mean that they do not want to have some fun in their lives. Most of the ladies that I date as a male escort like to have fun, but they have a different idea of fun. Actually, I am surprised that my friends do not wonder what I am up to. How many bartenders do you know in London that wear Giorgio Armani suits? Ladies who date male London escorts like to spoil their dates.


You really need to be very flexible when it comes to working for a London escorts agency. One minute you will find yourself fetching a take away from your lady’s favorite takeaway, and the next minute, you may find yourself boarding a private jte heading for the French Riviera. Working for a male London escorts agency can certainly be tough. Instead of focusing on your big dick, you need to focus on having the right clothes in your wardrobe and keeping fit.


I do spend a lot of time looking after myself. Before I joined the male London escorts agency that I work for now, I was a lot less fit. Now I really look after myself. That involves eating the right kind of food and going to the gym. It sounds like it is a life of leisure but it is not. I never used to think about it before I became an escort in London, but girls who are escorts probably have to work as hard as we do. You need to look good and make sure you look presentable all of the time if you would like to be successful.


Is working for London escorts like a meat market? No, it is not. The ladies I date like to date male escorts in London because they like to enjoy life. Most male escorts are a lot of fun to be around. That is really what I focus on. When I take a lady out on a date, I make sure that she has a lot of fun and enjoys the experience. That is how you build up regulars and get referrals. You be surprised how many ladies like to refer you to their friends? I have to say that I am not sure that they talk about big dicks. I think that they are much more likely to talk about what a nice guy that you are and that they had a good time in your company.

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