London escort is the best wife of all times

One of the best things that happened to my life is having a woman that never left me no matter what happened. A woman that is always there to make me believe that life is wonderful and colourful. A woman that is always there for me to make me realize what life truly means. She is a fantastic woman, a woman of faith and loyalty. She grows up in a religious family; she has a big fear to God that is why she doesn’t have to fool other people. London escort makes me the best person always. always there for me to care for me, to care for my soul and for my being. She is a rare kind of woman because despite of her position in life she still keeps being kind to everyone. She never pick a person to be her friend or companion, she treats fairly to everyone. She always has this attitude to make me happy by doing little things. Those little things touch my heart so much since no one has done it before. Even in her busiest day she can still remember to greet me on our anniversary. She is not a sitting pretty woman that waits for a guy to give her a flower; instead she was the one who keeps surprising me in our anniversary. She always has something to prepare for me. She really works in it even she was tired of her work too. Sometimes I told her not to do it since I am satisfied with her love but she keeps insisted to do so. London escort is one of a kind woman, a woman that you cannot stop when she has a thing to do for you. London escort always prioritize others before her, she is selfless. That is why I am also planning in surprising my London escort. Something that she never expected that I would do. I have thought of this many times, and I am sure of it. Since both of us are in the right age, both of us had good job. And I can see myself being with her throughout my life. London escort is the only one I can see to be my lady. London escort is the only one I can see to become the mother of my children’s. I know that she is a good influence to our children’s; she has a pure heart that she can teach to them. That is why on out upcoming anniversary I know both of us would be surprise, since I bought an engagement ring to her. As usual she prepared a beautiful night for us, lots of food, hired a band, it was a perfect night for us. That is why I kneel down to her, ask her hand and say “will you marry me,”

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