I will not let my London escort slip away in my hands


I love my lady so much that I will do everything to her. She makes me happy and helps me in life. She is there for me all the time to help me in my difficulties in life. She never leaves me even if she had to. I thought that she will give up on me like other woman did. I know how I am as a person; sometimes I take for granted the relationship I had because of work. I am too busy that sometimes I can’t make calls or text my girlfriend. I don’t have time for her that eventually they leave me. I am used to it, at least I am not cheating and I am true to my feelings. Yeah, it hurts me seeing them leaving me because they are no longer patient with me. I can’t hold them back if they want to, that’s their choice. I am who I am, and I want to have someone to understand me. But things changed into my life as I met this woman who never stop believing to me. This woman is worth anything in this world. She is the most special person for me now. London escort is the one who push me to my edge, instead of being mad she supports me all the way. London escort girls are the one who taught me that maybe sometimes I have to know my priorities because it’s not just the people around me I am missing of my time. I also had owed a lot to myself. I deprived it so much with joy in this world. London escort is the one who gives me the kind of feeling that I wanted for so long. She is the one who makes me feel like I am worth every love. So, I and London escort decided to have a vacation in our 5th anniversary, for so long it’s my first time treating my London escort a more romantic way. So we left travel across Spain, it’s really beautiful. London escort and I went to places we’ve never seen before. London escort and I make great memories together and document each one. It’s my first time to feel that joy and freedom in my life away from problems and career. It feels good to be with just my girlfriend. I am so blessed that I had someone like London escort who makes me more successful. That time I had with London escort I thought about marrying her. I want to make more memories with her, travel around the world and have more kids. I don’t want to be with any other woman. I want her to be with me forever. She is my pleasure now. Now, I am not taking my love for granted, no matter how busy I am, I make sure I am not forgetting her. I want her to feel my love every second of her life. She is my treasure in life that I will hold forever.

Written by celebribabes

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