I don’t want to change my life

Lots of my friends seem to think that I want to change my life, but this is not the case at all. I am sure that not all girls want to work for Chingford escorts http://charlotteaction.org/chingford-escorts, but I rather like. It is one of the best job I had. Before I joined the agency, I used to have lots of other jobs, and I am afraid that none of them really set my wild on fire. For instance, I worked as a lap dancer in one of the best clubs in London. It was an okay job, but I got really tired all of the time. I had two work too many nights, and I ended up feeling really tired.


Chingford Girls

Chingford Girls

Also before I joined Chingford escorts, I worked as a maid in a hotel. You be surprised but it is actually a  rather good job. It was an upmarket hotel, and I used to pick up rather a few extra duties if you like. The only problem was that the basic was really low, and as we know, living in London is not really cheap. I paid a fortune for my place, and did not have a lot of money saved by the end of the month. If I managed to save £100 I was really lucky and I am sure that a lot of people know what I mean.


I met the boss of Chingford escorts when I worked in a hostess bar looking after elite clients. It was a pretty well paid job, but the only problem was that a lot of the regulars were really rude. They never said please, and just demanded stuff all of the time. I am sure that a lot of girls who have worked in hostess bars know exactly what I am talking about. In the end, I got really fed up and I was glad that I had met Joe. I called him up and asked me if he had any jobs going at Chingford escorts.


For once in my life, I was really lucky and managed to get a job at Chingford escorts straight away. Most of the girls at the agency seemed to be really happy working there so I thought that it would be the ideal job for me as well. I started a week later and since then I have never looked back. Some of my friends think that I am nuts, but I like escorting. Lots of the gents that I meet are really nice, and on top of that it is a well paid job. I love it and I am sure that a lot of other girls would like it as well.


Finding a job that pays well in London is not easy these days. Lots of my girlfriends work in offices or in shops, and they really struggle. Yes, they get paid London waiting and stuff like that, but it does not really help. London has become a place for the super rich, and unless you earn a lot of money, you will have a hard time living in London. At the end of the day, we cannot all be trust fund kids and fly around in own planes. London is not everything it is made up to be by television programs.

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