How I lost 2 stone by having more sex

You are not going to believe this, but my sister has lost 2 stone by having more sex. My sister, who does not work for London escorts, have always been a bit on the heavy side. I know that she has tried all sorts. Like I said to my friends here at London escorts, my sister must have tried hundreds of different diets. She has exercised like mad, and even tried weight loss surgery. But all of this has failed, and I know that she has taken it really badly.

I keep thinking that my sister has lost the weight because she is happy. On top of her weight problems, she has never been really lucky in love. Even though I work for London escorts, and my sister lives in Southampton, we are really close. I tell her everything about London escorts, and she tells me everything about what goes on in her life. We are really close, and it is a great feeling. It is nice to have a sister to talk to, and we are one of the closer sister unit that I know of.

My sister’s new boyfriend is really nice. She keeps saying that they only make love about three times per week. I wasn’t sure how many calories you burn every time you make love, so I asked one of my friends at escorts in London. She said at the most you burn 200 calories each time you make love. That is not really enough to lose 2 stones in weight. Most of the girls here at London escorts think my sister has lost weight because she is finally happy. I think that has a lot to do with it.

Anyway, next weekend I am taking a weekend off from escorts in London, and I am going to go down to Southampton to see my sister. She does not earn as much money as I do at escorts in London so I am going to treat her to a day at the shops. It is kind of my little reward to my sister, and I hope that it will inspire her to keep the weight off. I know that it is not going to be easy, but I am pretty sure that my sister can do it. If she does, I think I might even treat her to a little sister holiday.

Losing weight is obviously great for you, and I know that I have some dates at London escorts who can do with losing some weight. It is not easy for them, and a lot of my overweight escorts in London dates have been through hard times. If they felt a bit better about themselves, I am pretty sure that they would lose weight. But, it is something that they will have to work out. I do try to help, but I realize that there is only a certain amount that I can do.Losing weight is good for your heart, and you can seriously improve your libido as well. Those are just some of the reasons why you should try to lose weight.

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