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Making as an escort in Marylebone can be a challenge, says Sara who works for an elite Marylebone escorts service. If you have a larger than average bust, you do stand out a little bit more, and someone may think that you are an escort. However, in general I do find that gentlemen really do enjoy the company of busty ladies. As a matter of fact, it can be hard to come across cheap Marylebone escorts who are genuinely busty.

Many Marylebone escorts now opt for implants to make themselves look busty. I have to be honest and say this is where I think these ladies go wrong. They think it makes them look classy and sexy, but I don’t think so at all. I think that most ladies who have had bust implants look a little bit strange. It is a little bit like they are lopsided. Can you tell a fake pair from a genuine pair? You most certainly can, and it does not take the most experienced eye to tell if a pair of boobs are fake.

Are all men you date fascinated by boobs? Yes, I would say that the gents I date at Marylebone escorts are really into boobs. They can probably live without big boobs, but at the end of the day, there is more to coming to see me than boobs. I would say that the majority of gentlemen I date like to come to see and just spend time with me because they enjoy my company. Sure, I have big boobs, but there is more to me than big boobs.

When I am out on a date, I do notice that I get looks from other gents. My bust is a 34 GG which is fairly large for a natural boost. If you want to have some fun with me, you really need to be prepared to get a little but creative. I love being creative myself, and I offer all of the gentlemen I hook up with on behalf of Marylebone escorts lots of different dating styles. A couple of the gents who have become my regular just like to come to see because I really enjoy duo dating. I duo date with a friend of mine here in Marylebone, and my regulars find the experience very exciting.

Do I think that busty Marylebone escorts are more fun to spend time with on a date? I do think that busty girls are a lot more fun to spend time. The majority of busty girls that I know are blonde as well so that makes us that little bit extra exciting. Anyway, if you would like some exciting company, and the chance to meet a busty companion in Marylebone from, please give me a call. I would love nothing better to be your busty Marylebone companion for a couple of hours, and I am sure that you and I can have some serious time together.

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