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Have you worked hard all of week and are you ready for some erotic fun? When I have worked hard all of week at London escorts, I am often in the mood for some erotic fun. Having erotic fun just lets you take your head out of gear for a while, and you can even pretend to be someone else.

Like I say to the girls at cheap London escorts, the opportunities of having erotic fun in London are pretty endless these days. Out of all of the European capitals, London has become the hottest place for adult fun and erotic adventures. During the weekends I really like to escape my London escorts mantra, and change what I call my modus operandi. I do take my work at London escorts seriously and I am rather professional about it. It can be hard work, so when the weekend comes around, I am ready to let me hair down. In my case, it means getting seriously into role play. Yes, I do a little bit of that when I am on duty with cheap London escorts, but during the weekend, I like to take it one step further.Erotic fun to me means letting go. A couple of years ago I used to be really into the swinging scene in London, but I find it a really bit boring now.

Some of the girls at the London escorts service I work for still get a real kick of swinging but that is not for me anymore. I like to dress up and go to one of the many great sex parties you can find in London. Sometimes when I am in the mood, I bring one of the other girls from London escorts with me as my slave. Well, I think that you can guess it no. I am into bondage and control in a rather big way, but my act is a little bit different. I never use my act at London escorts, but I do like to let the other me out to play when I am chilled out. You have to be kind of relaxed about yourself when you want to be a Cinderella who is into bondage. I have other acts, but my bondage Cinderella has turned out to be one of my most popular acts.

It is all about having fun, and I like the way she has the ability to surprise. Sex parties are great, but if you are not into sex parties, there are other options available for you in London. I know that many London escorts seem to enjoy some of the private erotic fetish parties that you can find around London. When you come to London, you will be spoiled for choice. You can even join erotic Supper Clubs should you have a food fetish. Soho is still going strong although a lot of people are trying to close down some of the more extreme clubs. Perhaps you should come to London for some erotic fun. I promise you, it is ten times more exciting than Amsterdam.

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