Do Celebs Book Escorts

All sorts of girls work for London escorts. Some girls who make their living as London escorts specialise in different things. For instance, some girls are really good at dinner dating and spend a lot of their time dating London based businessmen and international businessmen. This is perhaps one of the most popular dating styles at your local London escorts agency. It is also what most men associate escorts in London with.

But, when it comes to London escorts, there are many other services available. As we all know, London is packed with celebs. In recent years, London has become a bit of a mecca for celebs and there are some London escorts who make the most of dating celebs. Many of the London escorts who are into dating celebs have more or less become celebs themselves. Yes, it is true, London is perhaps one of the cities in the world with celebrity escorts who date celebs.

Do you earn more money dating celebs? There are some London escorts who earn a serious amount of money when it comes to dating celebs. It is rather a specialised service and not all London escorts are into dating celebs. The girls who are into celebs do have rather a different dating style when it comes to escorting. Almost all of them come across as sophisticated young independent ladies instead of escorts. You need to have an air of sophistication when you want to date celebs. As a matter of fact, you have to be a little bit “suave”.

Do celebs pay more for their dates? Most celebs are concerned with dating London escorts. They don’t want the general public to find out that they are into dating escorts. Would you like to know why so many celebs date escorts in London? First of all many celebs have their own little secrets. Some celebs are gay and do not want their followers or fans to know. Also, let’s be brutally honest, not all celebs are such nice people. Finding a partner who puts up with their prima donna tactics is not always that easy. Yes, many celebs will pay extra. It is called hush money in the industry.

What sort of celebs do London escorts date? You will find escorts in London date all sorts of celebs. Even celebrity politicians like to take escorts out on dates. To them, it is often important to have a glamourous girlfriend on their arm. You will also find that a lot of what may be called as C list celebs like to date escorts in London. If the paparazzi is not interested in photographing them, they may just be interested in photographing the glamorous girl on their arm. Yes, it is not uncommon for celebs to date escorts. Don’t forget, fame is often about smoke and mirrors. The less you know the better. Sometimes it is even disappointing to meet your favorite celebs, they are often not as exciting as you would think.

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