Sexercise: an exciting alternative to the gym

    By / August 20, 2014

    Sex should be considered a significant exercise for burning calories – that’s the happy conclusion reached in a study, published last year by researchers from the University of Quebec. We know that it’s not easy losing weight, and that a strict diet …

    Kylie Gets Raunchy for ‘Sexercise’

    By / March 20, 2014

    Singer Kylie Minogue’s video for her new single “Sexercise” is true to its name. She bares her derriere in a skimpy outfit, thrusts provocatively and even rubs against another female. The two and a half minute trailer features Minogue flaunting her legs …

    Sexercise Workout Tones You Up With Bedroom Moves — Awkward!

    By / January 30, 2014

    We’ve all heard of our fair share of wacky workout trends. Like, hello, remember Prancercise last year? That woman had some killer gams simply from galloping around the great outdoors. And what about the stiletto workout from a few years back? Well brace …

    VIDEO: Someone Is Trying to Make Sexercise Happen

    By / January 29, 2014

    In this week’s bizarre fitness trends: Jason Rosell, a New York-based personal trainer, is trying to make Sexercise a thing. Yep, Sexercise. But this workout isn’t done between the sheets; it’s a stamina and muscle-building workout to make you better …

    Would You Try a Sexercise Class?

    By / January 28, 2014

    File this under questionable new workout trends: “Sexercise” is having a moment. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Created by celebrity personal trainer Jason Rosell, “Sexercise” is a 32-minute workout that combines three rounds of 45 …

    ‘Sexercise’ Workout Routine Comes Complete With Music Video

    By / January 28, 2014

    Exercise is the worst. Hence gyms and marketing-savvy personal trainers are always trying to put some “fun” spin on it. The latest: sexercise. Guess pole-dancing classes finally fell out of fashion, huh? Unfortunately, it’s not so much a sex workout as it …

    Trainer Jason Rosell comes up with a hot new workout in ‘Sexercise’

    By / January 26, 2014

    The News’ Jeanette Settembre gets a closeup of ‘Sexercise’ guru Jason Rosell’s regimen. At least you can say one thing about this exercise routine: It won’t get routine. Personal trainer Jason Rosell has combined his two favorite things — sex and …

    The Sun Sexercise: Part 1

    By / January 20, 2014

    GET fit and look fab while having fun between the sheets with The Sun’s sexclusive and sexplosive SEXERCISE series. Enjoy your aerobic Sexercises for 20 minutes a day for nine days and see amazing results in your body, your mind and your relationship.

    Why not try sexercise: Average session burns more calories than a walk – but less than a jog

    By / October 29, 2013

    Sexercise? The average man burns 4.2 calories a minute having sex, while women burn 3.1 calories. This makes it better exercise than a walk – but not as good as jogging, say Canadian researchers With the average session lasting 24.7 minutes …

    Sexercise? Forget it! The average person burns only 21 calories while having sex

    By / January 30, 2013

    It’s one of those urban myths that we love to believe is true – that it’s possible to burn up to 300 calories during sex. But using a session between the sheets as an excuse to skip the gym is not as foolproof as you might think. For the average person …

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