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Not all gents like regular girls. Some gents are into dating plus size models, and others are into dating petite escorts. It is a good thing that gents have different tastes as there would not be enough large models or escorts to go around here in London. However, in recent years, it has become a lot harder to find petite girls, and the girls who do work as petites in London, always seem to be busier than the rest of their fellow escorts colleagues.


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I have been working as part of a team of petite escorts for the last year, says Angie and I can tell you that I am a lot busier than many of my fellow colleagues here in London. It is a good thing, and I keep on wondering if niche escorts such as myself are not doing better than regular escorts. When I speak to my colleagues who work as plus size models, dominatrixes or petites, they all seem to be busier than other girls. Of course, that is great and I love the fact that gents are finally also waking up to the pleasure of plus size girls here in London.

Petite escorts have been sought after for a long time, but most women are bigger now. It does not so much have to do with junk food, it has to do with better nutrition. Overall, it seems that we are growing larger overall, and that is okay as long as we keep ourselves fit. I did not set out to become a petite escort here in London. I was doing a bit of modeling when I met the guy who runs this escorts service. It was hard to make money as a model, so I started escorting part time.

I must admit that I did not think that I would like it first of all, but now I am really into it. Not only have I met a lot of really nice fellow petite escorts, but I have also met a lot of nice gents. Being busy is fun as well, and as I am a very active person, this job suits me down to the ground. There is nothing like being busy for me, and the fact I get to be busy meeting and looking after nice gents, is a major part of the pleasure principle of this job.

When I am not with the girls here at petite escorts in London, I love to shop. Yes, okay, keeping fit is fun as well and I love to look sexy, but after that, I am completely obsessed by shopping. My wardrobe is full of stuff,and sometimes, I don’t even take the labels or price tags off the stuff that I buy. The honest truth is that I often think that I buy for the sake of buying and that may not be good at all. Am I addicted? Yes, I am afraid that I am addicted to shopping, but there are many other things that you can be addicted to which are a lot worse.

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