Are There Some Things You Should Not Do in A Relationship

To keep things on an even keel in a relationship, there are probably some things which you should not do. Personally I regret checking out my girlfriend’s received text messages. I have to admit that the nature of my girlfriend’s phone messages came as a bit of a shock. For instance, who is she meeting in a suite at the Savoy hotel at 8 o’clock in the evening? As we have been going out for about 8 weeks, I thought that I had a right to ask her. To my horror, she told me she works for a London escorts agency.

I really did not know how to handle the situation. Some guys would probably think that it is perfectly okay for their wife or girlfriend to work for a London escorts, but as far as I am concerned, that is definitely not what I signed up for. Since I found that my girl works as a London escort, I have been thinking about the future of our relationship a lot. Do I really what to go out with a girl who works for a London escorts service? I am concerned that it could have a negative impact on my life.

Sure, I know that there are many girls in London who make a living as some of the best escorts in London. I have a couple of friends who date London escorts and really seem to be getting a kick out of it. You see, this is what worries me. What would happen if my friends found out that I was into dating London escorts? I probably have a couple of friends who would not worry about it at all, but then again, the friends who enjoy the company of escorts in London would probably say something. What if they ended up taking her out on a date?

I wish my girl would have told me from the start of our relationship that she works for a London escorts. Instead, she told me that she works full time as a hostess. It probably sounds a little bit naïve, but I honestly thought that my girlfriend worked in a club or something like that. The fact that she works for a London escorts agency really knocked me for six. I never thought that I would have a girlfriend who would sneaked around London meeting men at top-class hotels in London.

What should I do? Not only is my girl one of the nicest girls that I have ever met, but she is also one of the sexiest. I love going out with her and I finally feel that I have scored if you know what I mean. Since I found that she works as an escort, I have not taken her out for dinner. I would love to take her out, but I worry that someone may recognise her. What if one of her punters recognise her and end up talking to us? I am not sure that I would really feel too comfortable about this.

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