October 10, 2016

    ‘Sexercise’: Having Sex Can Make You Burn As Much Calories As Running

    By / October 10, 2016

    Who would have thought that simple everyday activities can actually make you burn calories? Experts claim that 10 minutes of laughing can burn off 50 calories while brushing your teeth for 2 minutes would cause you to burn 5.7 calories. Now, a new research …

    How Many Calories Does Having Sex Really Burn?

    By / October 7, 2016

    Some say it’s about 69 calories, whereas others claim sexercise can burn over 200. Buried in a study about obesity in the New England Journal of Medicine is a small reference to this, which notes that a man in his mid-to-early 30s engaging in the average …

    Anyone for a sexercise class? X Factor star works up a sweat

    By / October 2, 2016

    The former X Factor lad hit up Primrose Hill to squeeze in one last park session of the year before the summer’s sun dries up. However, rather than simply doing a standard workout, the buff star’s routine looked more like a run through the Kama Sutra than …

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